The Complete U.S. to International
Travel Document Checklist

The holidays are just around the corner. Are you planning to travel internationally soon? If so, there are important steps and things to do as a U.S. citizen. But don’t stress, CIBTvisas is here to help you prepare for your trip.

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From passport requirements to building a trip itinerary, we want you and your traveling companions to be informed. So whether you’re off to Thailand, Norway, or Greece, follow this complete international travel checklist as a resource and guide for your next destination.

  1. Check The Expiration Date of Your Documents: Before you travel internationally, make sure your important documents are up to date. Check the expiration dates of your passport, driver’s license, and bank account cards. If your passport expires within six months of the projected return date of your upcoming international travel, renew your passport. We recommend allowing 10-12 weeks for your passport application to be processed and approved, although CIBT offers support for expedited passport services.
  2. Travel Insurance: Depending on the destination and/or travel season, it may be worth purchasing travel insurance. For trips that require a large down payment or are booked well in advance, consider the possibility of flight cancellations or interruptions, and the effect that can have on your itinerary, especially if you are planning a trip with multiple destinations. It may also be beneficial to look into medical or emergency medical insurance for particular locations. We want you to stay safe!
  3. Get Vaccinated: It’s important to be aware of required vaccinations for specific destinations. CIBTvisas recommends consulting the CDC website, or your healthcare provider, for information on which vaccinations are needed for travel to a specific international destination. Some commonly required vaccines include yellow fever, malaria, polio, and even COVID-19.
  4. Read And Print Important Documents: It never hurts to be prepared. Before your trip, be sure to read through important travel documents such as your flight and activity itinerary. Don’t forget to look over luggage restrictions, as they can vary by country and airline and protocols for each leg of your journey. You can even print off your boarding passes ahead of time, allowing you to skip a step at the airport.
  5. Pack Your Prescriptions: Travelers often don’t pack their prescription medications adequately. Consult with your doctor to make sure you have sufficient amounts of any prescription medications for your journey. Even if you simply take vitamins daily, be sure to count out the correct number of supplements needed.
  6. Inform Your Bank: Your bank must know where you’ll be traveling internationally. Since you’ll likely be using your bank card for purchases made overseas, let your bank know your location, so they don’t think your card has been lost or stolen. Also, consider writing down your credit company’s contact information or taking out extra cash in your destination’s currency should an emergency arise.
  7. Budget Your Trip: Money can go fast when traveling. Make sure to set time aside to budget adequately for your trip, and remember to account for exchange fees and miscellaneous expenses. Stay up to date with current exchange currency rates, to know exactly how much you’ll be spending in USD dollars.
  8. Plan Adventurous Activities: This is where the fun begins! Discover the activities you want to participate in, whether that’s walking across the Great Wall of China or scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Book well in advance, so that you don’t miss out on experiencing activities on your bucket list. CIBTvisas also recommends researching transportation methods to take you safely to your adventures.
  9. Pack Weather Appropriate Clothing: Learn more about what to pack for the duration of your trip and what to wear. Check out the weather forecast for your destination, so that you can be adequately prepared for any climate or weather pattern. The last thing you want is to be overheating in the Caribbean or without a coat in Greenland!

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