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A leading authority in visas for business travel, A Briggs understands the intricate tapestry of regulations that corporations must navigate. We specialize in supporting your company’s needs for business visas, streamlining the process for eligible employees and travelers, and ensuring seamless business trips.

A Briggs provides customized tools and content to support the unique travel needs of corporate employees, such as a customized web portal that provides employees with simple and up-to-date instructions on how to get a travel visa and passport service. The customized web portal gives our partners easy access to necessary application forms, the latest visa and passport requirements updates, and online order tracking. Corporate travel managers can easily track activity through our online order status.

Do my employees need a visa for business travel?

When a US company sends an employee to a foreign country for business, they often need a specific travel authorization. A business visa ensures the holder has the proper permissions to conduct activities in the destination country for specific dates without seeking gainful employment or permanent residence.

What activities qualify for a business visa?

A business visa is issued to a qualified professional to allow entry into a different country for a temporary period. Travelers will typically receive a business visa for the following purposes:

  • Attending sales meetings or conferences in another country
  • Engaging in short-term training
  • Representing a US company abroad
  • Consulting with local businesses
  • Engaging in business activities without seeking permanent residence or full employment abroad
  • Exploratory business trips
  • Purchasing property or assets
  • Internal audits or reviews of a branch or subsidiary of a multinational company
  • Installing or servicing of equipment
  • Attending board meetings

A Briggs’ unique services for corporations:

A Briggs specializes in simplifying the visa-application process for corporations. With our vast experience, we advise the most efficient path to obtaining visas for business purposes and leveraging visas for travel.

Proprietary database

A Briggs' customers and clients can access a proprietary, state-of-the-art database that contains specific travel requirements for nearly every destination in the world. A Briggs provides each traveler with a customized Application Kit that contains simple and complete instructions specific to their travel visa or passport needs.


We ensure employees’ applications for business trips are complete and all necessary documents are ready. Eligibility criteria include having a valid passport, proof of return, sufficient funds for the trip, and a clear purpose for the visit, like attending conferences. We ensure employees have all necessary documents and meet the criteria, such as showing sufficient funds.

Dedicated customer care team

A Briggs is the only industry provider operating a dedicated customer care team with agent support 12 hours a day. Too busy to manage the application process yourself? A Briggs’ Premium Service offers our highest level of hands-on, customized service, with a dedicated specialist who will handle the details—and keep you informed every step of the way.

Same-day submissions

A Briggs has more than 60 offices in 27 countries and is the market leader in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Singapore, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, and Spain. We provide updated information on visa waiver options and which countries need visas.

Broad-ranging intel

A Briggs distributes regular email alerts, which advises clients about important consular changes and issues.

What countries require business visas for US citizens?

The visa requirements for citizens vary based on the origin country and destination, the purpose of the trip, and the length of stay. Many countries worldwide require US citizens to obtain business visas if they plan to engage in business activities in a foreign country on behalf of a US company.

Here’s a general overview of countries that require business visas for US citizens:

  1. Many African countries, such as Nigeria, Angola, and Ghana
  2. Some countries in the Middle East, such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Iran
  3. Several Asian countries, including China, India, and Vietnam
  4. In Eastern Europe, Russia also requires a business visa for US citizens
  5. Few countries in South America, like Brazil (although visa policies can be subject to frequent change)

Please note that there are also certain countries where US citizens can engage in business activities with a tourist or short-stay visa. However, under the visa-waiver program, visa-free agreements and policies can change, so it’s essential to consult the latest data.

FAQs about visas for business travel

How does the B-1 visa differ from other business visas?

The B-1 visa is a nonimmigrant-status visa valid for individuals visiting the US for business activities, like consultations, meetings, or conferences. They must refrain from engaging in gainful employment.

Can an employee switch from a business visa to employment abroad or a work permit in another country?

A business visa holder generally cannot change their status to a work permit within the host country. They would need to leave, apply for the work permit, and reenter once approved.

What if our business needs are spontaneous, and we require a visa urgently?

A Briggs offers expedited services. Applications received in our office by 8:00 am can reach the appropriate embassy or consulate on the same day.

What happens if there are restrictions on visa holders or changes in a country’s visa policy?

A Briggs keeps clients updated with any crucial consular changes, ensuring your company is always in the know.

Travel visa-ready with A Briggs

By partnering with A Briggs, corporations can seamlessly take care of business visas across their global reach, ensuring that every business travel endeavor is smooth, compliant, and efficient. Your employees are your assets—let us handle the paperwork so they can focus on what they do best. Contact us to receive a quote today.

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