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Jamaica’s New Travel Form

If you’re planning to travel to Jamaica in the near future, you’ll need to add filling out Jamaica’s new digital travel declaration form to your pre-departure to-do list. While no one wants extra paperwork to fill out before an international vacation, Jamaica aims for this new travel form to benefit all vacationers visiting the island.

Let’s take a look together at what this new Jamaican entry requirement means for you. And be sure to bookmark our blog to stay up to date on all of the latest immigration news.

The Travel Form and Jamaican Entry Requirements

Jamaica has partnered with air travel IT specialist SITA to roll out its Digital Travel Declaration solution to help Jamaica’s Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA) clear passengers for travel pre-departure.

The aim of introducing this new digital entry platform is two-fold. The first is to improve border security for the tropical island nation. The second is to significantly speed up border control by automatizing identity checks and assisting Jamaica’s PICA in screening arrivals. Its goal is to help you spend less time standing in line at customs, and more time relaxing at the beach.

Travelers will be required to upload all immigration, customs, and health documentation required for entry on the online system once it’s operational. Jamaica also requires vacationers to provide proof of sufficient means of subsistence while vacationing, as well as a return or outbound ticket, for entry into the country. Travelers will be able to provide all of this information in the new digital travel declaration form.

Don’t Be Deterred from Vacationing in Jamaica

This new required travel form shouldn’t deter you from traveling to Jamaica. Digital Travel Declarations have become common in the past few years, with many countries in Europe, the U.K., and Japan now requiring these travel forms to be filled out prior to departure.

There are plenty of exciting activities to do and beautiful places to see in Jamaica that more than make up for having to fill out the new travel form. You can take a relaxing ride on a bamboo raft down the Martha Brae river while enjoying Jamaica’s natural beauty, and learning about the area's history and culture. Take a catamaran tour and snorkel right off of the famous Seven Mile beach in Negril. Or take part in one of the best Jamaican activities, and go swimming with horses in St. Ann. Don’t worry, the horses love the water just as much as you.

Be Prepared for Your Jamaican Vacation

No matter if you decide to vacation in Jamaica, another Caribbean island, or a different country entirely, you’re going to need a passport, and for some destinations, a visa as well. That’s where CIBT comes in. For over 50 years we’ve been helping travelers navigate the passport and visa acquisition process, so they can get to where they need to go.

Do you have a passport for your Jamaican vacation? Is your passport expired or close to expiring? Contact us today to talk to one of our experienced immigration specialists who can start the process of getting you the new or renewed passport you’ll need for your trip.

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