How to Move Out of the US:
Document Checklist

Moving abroad is exciting. It could mean a new career, opportunity, or adventure. As exciting as it is though, it’s also stressful and time-consuming. Whether you’re moving to become a digital nomad in Portugal, or experience a completely different way of life in Japan, an international move takes a considerable amount of time and planning, more so than a standard cross-country move. On top of normal moving tasks, there are immigration and customs issues you will have to deal with. So, what legal and immigration documents are needed for an international move? Take a look at our documents checklist for international movers.

Checklist for International Movers

  • Passport - This is your most important piece of documentation.
  • Visa - If you’re planning to work or go to school, you will need the appropriate visa from your destination country.
  • Birth certificate or adoption papers - Yours, your spouse’s, and your childrens’.
  • Child custody papers - If you’re divorced or separated and sharing custody of a child, you’ll need this to be able to prove the custody agreement.
  • Marriage certificate - Necessary to ensure that your marriage is legally recognized in your new home country. It’s important to be aware that not all countries will recognize same-sex marriages.
  • Divorce papers - Necessary to ensure that your divorce is legally recognized in your new home country.
  • Driver’s license - An official form of identification. This will also help you get a driving license in your new home country, if you plan on driving.
  • Social Security card - An official government document.
  • Medical/Dental records - Gather copies of your medical history, immunization records, insurance cards for your medical, dental, eye, and/or disability insurance. Also, make sure you have copies of your medical prescriptions and any disability records.
  • School records - Make sure you bring copies of your school records, including school transcripts and/or a homeschool portfolio and grade reports, if you or your family will be attending school in your new country. You will likely need to show proof of any degrees you have earned to obtain a work permit.
  • Other insurance policies and legal documents - Any legal documents, such as your power of attorney, will, trust, health power of attorney, medical consent forms and any other important notarized or legal documents.
  • Financial records - Bring copies of your bank statements if you don’t have access to them online to prove your income, since some countries require you to have a certain amount of money saved before you’ll be permitted residence. Also, have copies of other important financial records available, such as your income tax statements and financial statements for any business you own.

Are You Prepared for an International Move?

No matter where you’re moving internationally, you need to have all of the proper immigration documents on hand. To help you stay organized and informed during your stressful but exciting overseas adventure, we’ve put together a downloadable list of all of the documents you’ll need for an international move. CIBT is also able to help you get your immigration documents translated and legalized, contact us today to learn more.

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