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Obtaining your travel visa or US passport is the first step in ensuring that your trip is a successful one.  To help you have a positive travel experience, A Briggs has provided you with the following resources to make planning the rest of your trip fast and easy.

Additional Services You May Need While Travelling

  1. Passport Replacement Service.  Purchase passport replacement service from A Briggs in advance of your trip and A Briggs will secure the fastest speed possible for a replacement if your passport is lost, stolen, or damaged. Learn More

Stay safe when you travel by knowing the contact information for the nearest US Embassy in your country of destination.

Up to Date Travel Information and Notices

  1. US Embassies Abroad.  Stay safe when you travel by knowing the contact information for the nearest US Embassy in your country of destination. 
  1. Immunizations.   Many countries require travelers to show proof of International Certificates of Vaccination for various diseases when entering or exiting their country. To determine whether or not you will require vaccinations for your travel itinerary, please contact your local physician or consult Immunizations.

  2. Travel Warnings.  The United States Department of State has the latest information on travel warnings and tips for traveling abroad for American citizens.
  3. Currency Exchange.  Perform currency and foreign exchange calculations using live, mid-market rates. The Universal Currency Converter® contains the top 85 currencies with the top 10 currencies listed first.

  4. Weather.  Check the national, regional, or global weather as you prepare for your trip.

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