A Briggs Visa Alert

CIBT and its subsidiaries, VisaCentral, and AmericanPassport.com, are the largest travel visa and passport company in the world. Over 10 Million Travelers have used our services to obtain travel visas and passports necessary for entry into nearly every country in the world.

A Briggs Visa Alert is a travel document notification service that sends an email to a traveler who booked a trip to a visa-required or international destination. After an international trip is booked, the trip data is sent to A Briggs's database to determine visa and passport requirements. A travel document notification email is sent to the traveler with instructions on how to get visa and passport application forms. Organizations using CIBT and its subsidiaries, VisaCentral, and AmericanPassport.com, are able to offer their employees or customers a full range of services to facilitate fast and easy international travel. We have the tools, experience, and global network necessary to effectively cut through red tape and expedite delivery of travel visas and passports.  

Customized Visa Alert Services

  1. Visa Alert is available through. Direct customers, TMC partners, GDS and Online booking companies.
  2. Unique Services. A Briggs's Visa Alert solution enhances a traveler's experience and provides control to travel managers and account administrators. Travelers are no longer required to determine where to validate foreign entry requirements as they are automatically notified via email after booking their trip. This valuable travel document notification service automatically sends an email to any traveler booking a trip to an international destination which requires a visa. 
  3. Co-Branded Web Portal. A Briggs can customize the website that is used by a client’s employees or customers to reflect the client’s brand and to include special messaging.
  4. Management Reporting. A Briggs can provide detailed reporting on a client’s account activity allowing clients to gain better insight into their total visa and passport expenditures. Travel managers and account administrators can monitor which travelers have applied for their travel documents and can follow up as necessary.
  5. Real-Time Order Tracking. Travelers will receive an automated email when their application is received by A Briggs, lodged with the issuing authority, and on its way back. A Briggs’s online tracking tool allows users to access real time track and trace for applications that are in process.

For more information regarding customized Client Services with CIBT, contact [email protected] or call 212-949-6340, ext. 25508.