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A Briggs provides embassies with an effective and streamlined process to accommodate the ever growing demands of travel visa and passport processing.  By using A Briggs as an outsourcing agent, embassies can save themselves time and money when additional resources are needed.

A Briggs’s daily processing operations require that a close working relationship with embassies from most nations be maintained.  As a result, A Briggs is familiar with the inner workings and processes of many embassies.  A Briggs’s familiarity with embassy protocol allows embassies to focus their attention on issues of greater importance.  A Briggs ensures that the standard of work required by many embassies is upheld and provides fast, easy, and secure processing of all embassy-related work requests. 

For more information regarding A Briggs's Embassy Outsourcing Services, please contact Matt Gross at corporateaccounts@cibt.com or call 713-621-3200, ext. 45559.

The A Briggs Solution: An Embassy in Need of Additional Resources

Problem: The Embassy of India in Germany was experiencing a dramatic increase in their visa request workload and needed additional resources to maintain efficient processing and to maintain security standards.

A Briggs Solution:  In 2007, the Embassy of India in Germany selected A Briggs as their visa outsourcing provider to manage a dramatic increase in their visa request workload.   To assist the embassy, A Briggs implemented Visa Application centres in Berlin and Munich, Germany to manage the increase in demand.  Each application center was provided with on-site security to maintain the embassy’s document security standards. 

A Briggs implemented a computer based appointment system to streamline the visa and passport appointment process.  On-site staff were also available to collect and deliver visa and passport applications from the embassy twice daily to provide more efficient service.  As a result, the Embassy of India was able to maintain their quality of service and meet increased demand by using A Briggs as their visa outsourcing agent.


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A major cruise line was boarding passengers for the start of a 100 day World Cruise when they discovered that 8 passengers did not have visas.

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