Renew Passport

A Briggs's renew passport service allows you to renew your valid US passport prior to expiration or renew a US passport that has expired less than 5 years ago.  If the expiration date is greater than 5 years, you must apply for a First Time Passport.  A Child Passport cannot be renewed.

Renew Your Passport


To Renew Your Passport You Will Need To:

  1. Select the speed of service and submit your passport renewal request above.  A Briggs will provide you with a list of documents needed for your passport renewal order, processing fees for your requested service, and the next steps required to start your passport order with A Briggs.
  2. Start your order.  Select Start Order on the following page to complete A Briggs’s fast online passport order form.  

  3. Download your forms and passport requirements.  A Briggs’s Application Kit provides you with a summary of the Passport Renewal service, important information, list of the personal documents you need to provide, step-by-step instructions for completing your passport order, as well as the required passport application forms you need to fill out.  
  4. Send your personal documents and completed forms to A Briggs.  Once you have completed all of the steps outlined in your passport application kit, you need to submit the required personal documents to the A Briggs location listed in the A Briggs Application Kit.  We will begin processing your passport order as soon as we receive it.  A Briggs will email you a summary of your passport order and will contact you if additional information is required.

Get a Second Passport

Are you a frequent traveler?  Tired of planning your trips based on the location of your passport?  If you had a second passport you could travel on one passport while the second passport is used to secure visas for future travel.  A Briggs can help.

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